Many basic concepts of mathematics are used in everyday life. But you will also find that many Elementary and High School math concepts come in handy if you have chosen a career in marketing and market research. To give you a sneak peek into some of the concepts that are learned in school and applied in marketing later, consider some that we have put together. These are beyond the basic concepts like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, the application of which is fairly obvious.

  1. Linear equations

Preventing Survey Bias – Part 3

Bias caused by the Respondent
Irrespective of what you do, there are times where the respondent will bring in a bias based on his or her own personality, reasons or past experiences.

  • Social appropriateness

Preventing Survey Bias

Response Bias

Preventing Survey Bias – Part 1

Part 1 of 3: Preventing the 3 Biggest Types of Survey Bias: Selection Bias
One of the first things that any market research professional needs to understand is the fact that survey bias is an inevitable part of almost all primary data. Different types of survey biases can creep into the data based on the number of people that are questioned, the specific profile of people who are questioned, the manner in which the questions are worded and the flow and structure of the questionnaire. In some cases, survey bias is quantifiable and in others it is not. While the sampling error of a particular sample can be calculated to estimate the range within which the actual responses will fall, the errors caused by other kinds of biases are less easy to resolve.

Selection Bias – Errors and Bias due to Unrepresentative Sample
The selection of a sample plays an important role in survey research. When the method of choosing a sample is faulty, the individual respondents of the sample may not collectively define the population accurately. A bias that results from underrepresentation, overrepresentation or improper selection is called a selection bias.

  • Under or over representation bias

5 Marketing Analytics Blogs to Read

To keep of the changes in marketing analytics, one needs to spare some time to self developmental activities so that the latest trends can be used for clients. Here is a list of 10 marketing analytics and market research blogs that you may want to subscribe to or at least visit regularly to keep up with the latest news in the industry. Each of these has something unique to offer and therefore the list should not be considered as a ranking.

1. Vault Analytics is a company that is dedicated to one of the most difficult aspects of marketing analytics, namely predictive analytics. The team of professionals offers a range of services that include creating an algorithm a specific marketing problem, contracting analysts and training employees to be able to use predictive analysis. Given that the company is involved in training people in the marketing analytics arena, their blog has extremely valuable tips and latest news about marketing analytics.

2. The Forrester Blog for Market Research Professionals covers a large variety of topics. Published by a company that is known for its expertise in market research and richness in secondary research, this blog can provide you valuable data on various niches, tickle your mind with new and emerging thoughts on models and helps you with various market research methodologies and industry trends too.

3. Research Live not only provides you with the latest trends in data gathering and analytics, it also keeps you abreast with the movements of research professionals. The blog is nicely divided into sections like the latest polls, young ones, media, research technology, social media and various cases of specific surveys that have been conducted on respondents with regards to market research itself.

4. For a complete rundown on almost anything that you may want to know about analytics starting from statistics and software to methodology and analysis, the Market Research World helps you get all the details that you may have otherwise missed out in your busy schedule.

5. The Google Analytics Blog is a great place to understand web analytics and the manner in which you can use the valuable data that you gather to understand your customer, segment the funnel and understand bounce rates, keywords and other interesting analytics information for the ecommerce guy or the Internet marketer.

One feature being asked by advertising agencies, research organizations, and marketing departments is the ability to upload videos, images, and music inside an online survey. This allows you to test ads, music, and print material before rolling them out. They have talked and we have heard. The new Mineful allows you to upload rich media into your online survey very easily.

When creating your survey, simply “Add a Question” as you normally would. Select the Media question and follow the following 3 simple steps.

  • 1. Enter the question’s text
  • 2. Upload media file using the Browse button
  • 3. Select the media type from the drop down menu (Video, music, or image).

For more information on uploading videos, images, and music into your online survey visit the Media Question Support Page. Happy rich media surveying!

The news about the proposed Islamic center about two blocks away from Ground Zero has led to a lot of fervor in the country. While the Mayor of New York Michael Bloomberg is in favor of the proposal and backs Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, there are others who oppose the approval as a another feather in the cap of the jehadis. The specific proposal is to create a 13 storey cultural center for Islam along with a mosque a few feet away from where the Twin Towers stood a few years back. The project is to include an auditorium, a swimming pool, art exhibition space, restaurants, bookstores and also a mosque.

Republican Sarah Palin states that it would be a ‘stab in the heart of the families of the innocent victims of those horrific attacks’ and many other Republicans voice her opinion as the New York Mayor stands his ground in the belief that ‘Muslin religious freedom must be respected’.

Those opposing the mosque have tried to invoke the Landmarks preservation Commission but the vote goes towards the architectural development of the disused coat factory. There are also some who believe that the construction of the Cordoba House Cultural Centre would be an act of good inter-religious relations.

While some like US House of Representatives speaker Newt Gingrich call it an ‘act of triumphalism’, others feel that this could be the tipping point in the Muslim-West relations. Polls show that most feel that the building of a mosque is not an issue but the fact that the location is so close to Ground Zero seems tasteless. Some are even questioning the money trail that leads to various countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar and Iran.

Even as protesters accumulate at Ground Zero to voice their concerns about this event, various polls across the country are being conducted to understand the opinion and emotion of the general public.


According to the Quinnipiac University Poll conducted among 1183 New Yorkers in the last week of June, 52% did not want a mosque to be built as against 31% who were in favor of the decision. The Quinnipiac University Polling Institute Director Maurice Carroll stated that while New Yorkers are considered to be relatively tolerant of other religions, they were opposed to this decision by large. Further analysis of the data of this survey showed that Manhattan had the least number of people opposing the proposal with only 36 percent rejecting the idea as against Staten Island where a whopping 73% rejected the idea of a mosque two blocks away from Ground Zero. Among the other classifications the black voters rejected the proposal to the least extent (45 %) while 56% of the white voters rejected it as did 60% of the Hispanics. Rejection was high among Jews and Catholics (66 percent) as against 46% among Protestants. In this poll, 22% of the New Yorkers also felt that.

Our Bigger and Faster New Home

This past Sunday, we moved to an all-round better datacenter. With this move, we introduced more, faster, and newer servers to help you use Mineful more efficiently.

The move was an ordeal. It took 2 hours longer than expected, but we got home around midnight happy that Mineful is now running smoothly in its new home. You can see from the photos below how much fun Jose and I had.

newhome2 newhome3
newhome4 newhome5

Eric MacAdie joins Mineful

Eric MacAdie has joined Mineful as our new Software Developer. Eric worked for 9 years at Bank of America as a Systems Engineer and is currently the president of the Java User Group in Chicago. Among other things, at BOA, Eric designed and developed monitoring and reporting web applications.

We look forward to having Eric taking leadership on a variety of projects on our plate. Eric will design and build the foundation for our API capabilities and also be heading up new projects like improving performance of our application.

Welcome on board, Eric!

Tony Nilles joins Mineful

Tony Nilles has joined Mineful as our new Vice President of Business Development. Tony comes from a long journey with the Numerical Algorithms Group as VP of Sales and Marketing. Before that he worked at SPSS and SAS where he learned to explain the advantages of complex statistical software to business users.

We look forward to having Tony take a hands-on approach to our growing leads and client needs. He’ll also be heading up new projects like improving our messaging, sales process, and marketing initiatives.

Welcome on board, Tony!

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