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Devoted to helping you do effective online surveys and market research. You will find valuable advice and information; discover how Mineful can help you learn what your customers do, want, need, and value.

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The average email marketing strategy might seem like a bunch of common sense ideas all thrown together in one single pot, and while that is true for majority of email marketing enthusiasts, the big game begins when we begin to invest our time and energy into making email marketing better, more solid, and more rewarding. To give priority to your email marketing strategy is to expect better growth, better return on investment.

Email is a fairly fragile way of communication, especially when it comes to email marketing; consumers are not looking for another crappy sales letter, in the last few years alone, they’ve seen so many of them that they would rather have nothing at all. A few mistakes here and there can cost your email marketing strategy to collapse without anyone ever thinking twice about it. That’s not what we want.

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3 Points for Automated Emails Success

Automated Emails: Winning Strategies and Dangerous Mistakes


Your business is all about customer response and interaction. Creative interaction solutions like social media, community development and local deals are important, but email marketing has long been a staple of direct outreach strategies.

Email marketing is a great solution for staying in touch with your customers long after a sale and retaining top-of-mind positioning for future sales. However, are you achieving your desired results from Email marketing? Here are four tips on how to make your automated emails encourage more business and pull in more conversions.

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5 Must for Customer Retention


How To Retain Your Customers and Keep Them Coming Back for More

Any retail outlet will tell you that the only thing harder than getting a customer through the door the first time is getting them back for a second time. Marketing isn’t just about the one-off purchase—it’s about nurturing your customers over a lifetime of purchases, and relying on their regular business for your sustained success.

Online retailers are even more vulnerable to shifts and changes in customer spending and retention habits. If you’re moving a good product or your service is excellent, you’ll enjoy a great deal of customer retention without even trying. If your product or platform isn’t naturally something that customers will come back to, though, you have to strain extra-hard to keep customers coming back to you instead of going elsewhere.

Here are a few tips for retaining your customers with proven marketing strategies that can pay off for your business.

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Mineful 2.0 From Engagement to Revenue


You haven’t heard from us in a while, and are probably wondering what we’ve been up to! We are excited to announce the next chapter of Mineful, and our path to releasing the next generation of our platform. Our continued focus is to drive higher engagement, more revenue, and make the process easier for you.

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