On July 14, the Mineful website and its analytical platform will have a major overhaul. Our new tool focuses on helping businesses retain customers. In short, Mineful can now be described as an analytical application that takes action when it identifies patterns of disloyalty and dissatisfaction.

Inspired by our clients’ needs, we’ve added a way to easily integrate and analyze transactional data from CRMs and e-commerce platforms. We’ve pre-built a set of customer retention metrics to track in real-time. Mineful provides a way to quickly act on the information by displaying a list of customers that should be contacted along with tools to make this communication easy.

You might call it marketing automation or business intelligence, we just think it is an easy way for businesses of all sizes to increase customer retention. You know that just a 5% increase in retention can increase profitability by more than 75%, right? So what are you waiting for? You can watch our new video, take a tour, see our new pricing, or simply start using it for FREE.


  • Salesforce.com Integration – A way to easily integrate data from Salesforce.com.
  • Interaction Table – This table displays customers at risk of leaving and gives you an easy way to communicate with them via email. In this release, only alerts based on transaction/sales data are displayed.
  • Customer Retention Analysis – An analysis that predicts when a customer’s purchasing pattern has gone cold. It uses the customers’ transactions, segment, and seasonality to provide an accurate determination of attrition likelihood.
  • Measure Page – This new measure page has various customer retention metrics pre-installed including: customer lifetime revenue, average purchase size, average frequencies, and customer retention rates.
  • New Results Page – A quick way to view your survey results in real-time. You can dive into individual responses and read comments or view text results with the keyword density analysis.
  • Putting comments on dashboards – Allows you to write content inside a dashboard. You can write your own observations about the results you’re getting and customize it with a little knowledge of HTML and CSS.
  • Can use the Back button – The Mineful application previously existed all in one page. Now each link has a separate page allowing you to use the back button on your browser! This was major reconstruction, but it will speed up the application.