is a one stop shop for Personal Vaporizers, AKA Electronic Cigarettes.

Many folks are using these Vaporizers as an alternative to smoking. These devices do not have the tar, chemicals and carcinogens like real cigarettes, making them a “cleaner” alternative.

How are you using Mineful?

VaporAlley is using Mineful to retain customers with follow up communication when a sale has completed. These emails consists of 3 main emails such as thank you letters, a shopping experience survey, and a “we miss you” email if the customer has not returned for a certain time.

What results are you getting?
Although we do not study the results closely we can see a considerable increase in business due to Mineful. We get many positive responses from our automated emails, the most common one thanking us for reminding them about our web site. The charts show an average 2.5% conversion rate.

Why did you choose Mineful’s automated email marketing software?

Cost, a big reason. And a very easy and seamless integration with our eCommerce platform.

The results from Minefull are astonishing especially considering we are not taking full advantage of a very easy to use system. I can only imagine the results when we put more effort into this.